What is Bedst?

Bedst is an online store and coffee pop up that shares our favourite coffees from Scandinavian countries. 

We fell in love with coffees from this region after wanting to explore roast styles that were different to predominant styles in Australia. This quickly led us to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, where we found light roast coffee that we fell in love with.

During this time, we noticed that bags of coffee from this region will often list a 'best before' rather than a roast date. In Danish this is 'bedst før', which is where we got the idea for the name.


Why Nordic Coffee?

This style of roasting to us best presents flavours of origin, varietal and processing methods. They last well for up to 3 months after a roast date, often presenting their best flavours after at least 4 weeks. We wanted to celebrate these bright and clean light roast coffees, and help encourage coffee that's been rested. 


Who are you?

Bedst is run by James Perry (@jamesperrycoffee) and Laura Doherty out of Canberra, ACT. James is a longtime coffee professional and Laura loves organising things, which makes them a dream team when it comes to selling coffee. 


When's the next pop up?

Whenever! If you're interested in hosting a Nordic Coffee pop up in your cafe or store, send us an email bedstcoffee@gmail.com

Tell me more about shipping!

Shipping in Canberra is free!

We offer Australia-wide shipping with tracking through Australia Post. Our prices are based on what it costs to send through the provider with our own packaging. Orders will be dispatched within 3 business days (but probably sooner than that). We also ship internationally with tracking! Again, these prices are based on how much it costs us to pack and ship items. If your country is not available to ship to, contact us at bedstcoffee@gmail.com 

I entered the wrong shipping address, what do I do?

Bummer! Contact us as soon as you can at bedstcoffee@gmail.com

I'm unhappy about my purchase, what do I do?

We're sorry to hear! We are happy to help with any brewing questions if you're struggling to get the most out of your coffee, and if there's anything else, contact us at bedstcoffee@gmail.com 


For anything else, just reach out on our Instagram @bedst.coffee or via email bedstcoffee@gmail.com