What is BEDST?

BEDST is a sometimes Nordic coffee shop and online store. You can find us at 20 Allara Street, Canberra ACT.

BEDST started as a Nordic coffee pop up at Under Bakery in Mawson ACT. Here, we sought to showcase light and bright coffees from our favourite Nordic roasters. Since then, BEDST has continued to grow and evolve into a space where you can find expertly roasted, light and delicious coffees from all over the world (but with a focus on the Nordic region!).


Why Nordic (and Nordic-style) coffee?

After a decade of working in coffee, we set out to explore roast styles that were different to predominant styles in Australia. This quickly led us to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, where we found light roast coffee that we fell in love with.

This style of roasting to us best presents flavours of origin, varietal and processing methods. They last well for up to 3 months after roast, often presenting their best flavours after at least 4 weeks. We wanted to celebrate these bright and clean light roast coffees, and help encourage coffee that's been rested.


What does BEDST mean?

While drinking lots of Nordic coffee before our first pop up, we noticed that the bags often listed a best before date rather than a roast date, and we loved that this encouraged people to drink rested coffee. In Danish, 'best before' is 'bedst før', which is where we got the idea for the name.

What's with the roast dates?

We aim to put coffees in store and online as quickly as possible once we receive them from roasters. Coffees typically take 7 to 10 days to arrive to us once shipped, and we then cup, photograph and write copy (among other things!) before we start selling them.

As mentioned above, we love that Nordic-style coffee lasts well for up to 3 months after roast, so don't stress about those roast dates!

When's the next pop up?

We aren't doing as many pop ups these days, instead you can find us at our coffee shop in Canberra ACT! That said, if you're interested in hosting a Nordic Coffee pop up in your cafe or store, send us an email bedstcoffee@gmail.com

For anything else, just reach out on our Instagram @bedstcoffee or via email bedstcoffee@gmail.com